Seller’s Page

World eBooks doesn’t require any fee from the sellers to publish the submitted ebooks. It pays 50% royalty for each sale of the sold ebooks.

Terms of Submission:

World eBooks has the following terms of submission of the ebooks that the sellers’ have to agree:

1. World eBooks mainly allows the sellers to submit the ebooks which have been written solely or jointly by them or with a written approval of submission (or publication) from the real authors.
2. World ebooks also allows submitting ebooks with different types of resell rights (or resale rights).
3. Nobody is allowed to publish the ebooks of other authors with his own name unless those ebooks are of Private Label Rights (PLR).
4. Ebooks published anywhere previously and still existing there cannot be submitted on this site (ebooks with resell rights are exempted from this term).
5. World eBooks does not bear any responsibility for the content of any ebook that the authors submit on this site.
6. Ebooks with immoral and offensive contents are strictly prohibited to submit on this site.
7. World eBooks possesses the right of accepting or rejecting of publication of any ebook.
8. World eBooks may change the terms and conditions of submission of ebooks any time when required without any prior notification to the users.
(Last updated on: 05 March, 2016)
Payment Policy:

World eBooks has a user friendly payment policy. The authors and vendors are required to provide their desired payment gateway(s) during the registration process of this site in order to get paid for the royalties of each sale of their eBooks. This site will automatically record the details of the sales volume and royalties of their books. Then we release their due royalties for every six months: during the first weeks of January and July; January for July to December and July for January to June. But early release of the royalty can be considered upon a written request. We also send the sales statement to them at their email address that they used to register at this publication site.