Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

FAQ Related to World eBooks:

• Is World eBooks a licensed company? Yes.
• Is a copyrighted website? Yes.
• Is the website of World eBooks SSL-Secured? Yes.
• Is there any fee to register as a user of World eBooks? No.
• Does World eBooks share the account information of its users to any third party? No.

FAQ Related to the Buyers:

• Is it secured to purchase online at World eBooks? Yes.
• Does World eBooks store my credit card information? No.
• Does World eBooks return the payment of any sold ebook? No
• Is there any limitation of the number of ebooks I can purchase at a time? No.
• Can I purchase any ebook from World eBooks if I have an Author’s or Seller’s account? Yes.
• What payment methods does World eBooks accept while selling any ebook? PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards and Payza
• How much time does it take to get the ebook after the payment is done? A few seconds only.
• Will I get any email regarding the purchase? Yes. You will get an email with the link of download of your purchased ebook.

FAQ Related to the Sellers:

• Is there any limitation in the file size that I will upload? Yes. For cover image it is 1 MB, and for the main ebook file it is 20 MB.
• How frequently I will get my royalty commission? Every six months: January and July.
• Does World eBooks publish any adult content? No.
• Does World eBooks review the ebooks that I submit on its webpage? Yes.
• Can I directly publish any ebook on World eBooks? No.
• How many days does it take for my ebook to be appeared on the online store after it is submitted? Usually 2 business days.
• What is the medium of receiving my commission? PayPal and Credit Card.
• Can I submit any ebook if I am not the author of that ebook? Yes.
• Is there any limitation of the number of ebooks I can submit at World eBooks? No.
• Can I submit any ebook if I have a buyer’s account? No. In that case you have to open an author’s or seller’s account.
• Will I get any notification if my submitted ebook is published? Yes.
• Will I get any notification if my ebook is sold? Yes.
• Is it mandatory to have the copyright or ISBN of any ebook that I will submit at World eBooks? No.
• Can I request an early payment of my royalty? Yes.
• Who sets the price of any ebook submitted on World eBooks? Submitter.
• What type of files can I upload while submitting an ebook? For cover image: jpg, png and gif. For book file: PDF and zip.
• Can I submit any ebook with any type of resale right? Yes.
• Should I pay any fee to get my ebook published at World eBooks? No.
• Can I check the sales report of my ebook? Yes.